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The Art of Juggling Theatre Show

Luke and Pola present "The Art of Juggling", a show suitable for cruise ships, corporate events and theatre festivals.

The 45 minute show includes the following:

  • Video introduction.
  • Demonstration of competition winning diabolo skills.
  • 3 ball and video projection and spoken word routine.
  • Audience participation comedy routine with 5 ball juggling.
  • Comedy introduction to the Art of Juggling.
  • "The Art of Juggling" - click here for more details.
  • Rolabola knife juggling with audience participation.
  • 7 club passing finale.

Duration options:
Routines can be added or removed to make the show last between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

For cruise ships Luke and Pola offer a 45 minute show plus a 15 minute solo juggling and comedy show by Luke Burrage with no repeated material.

Staging: 6m x 4m stage. Optimal overhead clearance 4m, though the show can be modified to fit venues such as cruise ship lounges.

Street Show Festivals

If you want to book the show or have any other questions, please contact Luke and Pola right away.

More photos and information coming soon.

The Art of Juggling

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