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The Art of Juggling Variete Act

While Luke Burrage juggles hats, balls, clubs and rings, artist Pola Brändle captures his image with her live performance painting. Sometimes Pola joins in with the juggling... and sometimes Luke is forced to do some painting.

hat juggling, 5 balls, 5 rings, 3 to 6 clubs, duo juggling and painting.

7 minutes

at least 6m x 4m, overhead clearance 4m.

The Art of Juggling is Luke and Pola's most popular show, so check their diary to see if they are performing near you soon!

If you want to book this act for a gala, festival or any other kind of show, please contact Luke and Pola right away.

Luke and Pola
Video and photos:

Download a video of the full varieté act (7 minutes, MPG 26mb).

The Art of Juggling

Contact Luke and Pola: | +49 (0)179 537 4605 | Mehringdamm 64, 10961 Berlin, Germany